We’re baaaaaaaaack!

30 Sep

So. That was quite the dry spell for pancakes. Damn you, climate change! Actually, this particular gathering didn’t start out with pancakes in mind. But then we thought… why not?

Pertinent details:

Date: Sunday, October 6

Pre-event gathering: 5:00(ish)–7:00 pm at our place

Event: Here’s the Story; 8 pm at Theater Wit

There will be, in random order:

  • people friends
  • cider
  • apple pancakes
  • the pancake relay classic around the block (just kidding)
  • Storytelling!

Drop by any time after 5 pm. No need to bring anything. Except your SELF!

At 7:00 pm, we will caravan on over to Theater Wit to see the 8 o’clock Storytelling show. Get your tix now–it’s general admission seating.

Hope you can make it for one or the other or both. Let us know in advance so we can guestimate on pancake volume.

Pancake on!


“Pancakes were …

26 Aug

“Pancakes were enjoyed by primitive cave-dwellers–we know this from early cave wall paintings depicting circles and all the plastic syrup bottles left behind.” –Winston Churchill

No Pancakes :(

8 Oct

Due to a global pancake shortage, there will be no pancake brunch this Sunday.

Yes We Are!

1 Oct

Brunch is tomorrow.

Noon – 3 pm.

Follow us on twitter @PancakeReport to see our menu!

Post on the fly. Bye!

Pancake Flash Mob!

25 Sep

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Dear loyal readers of the Pancake Report:

We apologize for the super short notice, but we’re doing another round of pancakes starting in less than 12 hours. Feel free to stop by between¬† noon–3:00 TODAY for some delicious, mouth-watering gooey pancake goodness.¬†

On the menu:

  • Buttermilk pancakes
  • Bacon
  • Fresh fruit
  • Orange juice, coffee and tea


There is free and meter street parking all around the neighborhood (but some streets are permitted, so watch out). Sometimes it can be hard to find an open space. You can also ride your bike, if you live close enough.

Call/text/comment or email if you need our address or directions.

What to Bring:

Your appetite. You don’t need to bring anything else!

Pancake Drought Continues

16 Sep

There will be no pancake brunch this Sunday, due to Megan’s interfering work schedule. BUT meteorologists predict that pancakes will manifest on a Sunday in the near future.

For those interested, an evening outing to watch Improv Nerds at Studio 773 in Lakeview might accompany a late Sunday brunch. WBEZ’s awesome Alison Cuddy reported about this yesterday on Eight Forty-Eight. NPR! …NPRRrrrrrrrrr! You can download the podcast here.

That is all.

NO, No, No…

7 Sep

I'm a BearBad News: There will be NO pancakes this Sunday.

(Stay home, bears!)

Good News: There WILL be pancakes for hungry bears again in the future.

Mildly Interesting News: Drool-inducing photos from last Sunday…

coming soon!

Astounding News: Click here to view the LARGEST pancake in the world.